By Aquavento

Beginner Lessons

Surfing is the perfect way to enjoy the ocean – it’s fun, simple, and ideal as a family activity or team-building event.

Surfing has been around for decades, yet is still increasing in popularity. It’s a sport that rewards whatever time you can dedicate to it. All you need to get started is one or two lessons, then you can practice on your own. Once you’ve gotten a feel for surfing you will never look back!





1 HR

Lesson Pricing

Beginner Lessons

Private and Groups up to 5 max
$ 150 Per Person / Per Hour


Take a peek inside our surf lessons in Puerto Rico!

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Making Your Reservation

Reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Aquavento Water Sports reserves an instructor and all the equipment you need when you make your reservation – so you can just focus on enjoying your time in the water.

Inclement Weather Policy

The number one priority of Aquavento Water Sports is to keep participants safe. If at any point our professionals feel that the water may be unsafe, your reservation may be canceled or your lesson may be cut short. Should this occur, you will be given an opportunity to make another reservation. Our staff will make every attempt to contact you prior to your scheduled time if there is a chance that your reservation will be canceled due to inclement weather.

Cancellation Policy

Aquavento Water Sports confirms all reservations via email. To ensure excellent service for all our customers, we require that any cancellations or adjustments be made 24 hours in advance of the scheduled reservation. Any no-shows or cancellations made fewer than 24 hours before the scheduled reservation time will be charged the full amount of the reservation.